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"Is My Dog Baby Safe?"

The Essential Check List For Parents-To-Be 

from: Your Dog & Your Baby

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The "Is My Dog Baby Safe"? Check List From:

Your Dog & Your Baby - A Practical Guide


Your Dog & Your Baby - A Practical Guide


Use the Check List to pin point the areas where you might need to take action now and preferably long before the baby has arrived.

Go through the Check List carefully.

If you are unsure about an answer, stop and test your dogs response rather than guessing what they might do.

If the answer to any question is No, or you're not quite sure, refer to the appropriate chapter and Action Plan for training advice.


Chapter 1- Handling

Can you touch your dog all over without him becoming aggressive or overly excited?

Can you pull and tug your dog quite roughly without your dog getting scared or aggressive?

Can you bath and brush your dog easily and with confidence?

Can you clip his nails, hold his ears and tail without him becoming aggressive or excited?


Chapter 2 - Exercise

Does your dog walk with you nicely on a loose lead?

Do you play with your dog?

Does your dog know how to play without becoming overexcited/hyperactive?

Does your dog go out with other people on occasion?

Can you think of entertainments for your dog other than walks?


Chapter 3 - Food.

Can you touch your dog while hes eating?

Can you take his bowl and bone from him without him showing any resentment?

Does he take treats without snapping?

Can you eat a meal sitting on the floor with your dog in the room in relaxation?

Does your dog understand and respect a "leave it" command?


Chapter 4 - Toys

Can you take a toy from your dog without him showing any resentment?

Does your dog ignore things on the floor that dont belong to him?

Does your dog know the difference between his toys and other household objects?

Can you control your dog when he is playing excitedly?


Chapter 5 - Sleeping Places

Can you approach your dog in his bed without him showing any fear or resentment?

Does your dog go to his bed when you tell him to?

Does your dog have a bed in a safe place?

Can you move your dog off the furniture without him showing any resentment or fear?

Can you move your dog easily when he is sleeping on the floor?


Chapter 6 - Jealousy & Attention

Can you ignore your dog for some time without him trying to gain your attention?

Can you cuddle a cushion without your dog trying to push in?

Is your dog used to being left behind when you go out?

Do you sometimes praise your dog when he is just being good and quiet?

Do you engage in any structured "special time" with your dog?


Chapter 7 - Hygiene

Is your dog inoculated?

Has your dog been wormed recently?

Is your dog clean and free of fleas and mites?

Is your dog in good health and condition?

Can you get by without having to brush and comb your dog for a month?


Chapter 8 - Safety

Do you have a dog guard, harness or cage in your car?

Are you always fully confident and unafraid yourself when dealing with your dog? *Be honest - this is IMPORTANT.

Does your dog listen to you and obey without you having to become loud and aggressive yourself?

Have you given thought how to separate your dog and baby when you are busy?

Does your dog greet without jumping up?

Can you run with your dog without him trying to jump at you or bite your ankles?


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Your Dog & Your Baby- A Practical Guide

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