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 The Manual That Is Six - Overcoming Dog Behaviour Problems

Overcoming Dog Behaviour Problems (or Behavior Problems) From Aggression To Destructiveness, From Barking To Self Mutilation, From House Soiling To Disobedience and Much Much More!

Who Needs This Manual?

  • Owners of dogs who have these problems. 

If you have a dog behaviour (or dog behavior) problem, this manual was written for you. It addresses the dog's problems rationally, reasonably and very sensibly then goes on to give the most practical advice on re-training a dog and to change your dog's behaviour you will find anywhere. It is also ALWAYS respectful of your experiences at the time and very supportive so you can go ahead and make the changes you need to make for your dog to overcome their problems entirely, long term, and confidently.

  • Dog Instructors, Training Advisors, Behaviour Advisors

Overcoming Dog Problems is written first person, human to human. Not only will you have a whole library here of custom made strategies for treating everything from self mutilation to dog/dog aggression in the home and a very great deal more besides at your fingertips (Overcoming Dog Behaviour Problems - Full Content - please check the full contents listings!), but you can also learn from a true expert with many years of experience in how to explain what is happening and what the owner has to do in straightforward terms, step by step, so the owner can really understand and carry out the remedies for the problems easily.

This is an invaluable resource for dog training instructors, assistant dog training instructors and dog club libraries, regardless whether they are obedience clubs, agility clubs, ringcraft clubs or field trials organisations.

  • Rescue Workers, Dog Wardens, Animal Shelter Professionals, Pet Supplies Shop Staff, Groomers, Veterinary Staff.

Many times BEFORE owners give up hope and euthanise or re-home the dog in desperation, they make one last telephone call. Often, owners just don't know where to go for advice - they might be completely unaware that there are dog training clubs, books and behavior advisors out there who could end their misery with just a few well chosen words and some sound and practical advice. Overcoming Dog Problems is required reading in many veterinary surgeries, rescue organisations and even pet store chains. It is kept on hand so that staff may look up a question or situation and have an idea of what to say and what the owner's next step should be as well as being able to advise "Emergency First Aid" routines to dog owners in a state of distress.

  • Anyone Interested In REAL Dog Behaviour Beyond Obedience Training

Dog behaviour happens in the home. Obedience training is great and in many cases, really helps with many aspects of dog problems, such as increasing communication between the dog and the owner and giving the dog and owner much more confidence in each other BUT the real life and the real problems are in the home and social environments. 

Dog behaviour problem help, also, must happen in the home and in the parks and streets where that one owner lives with that one particular dog to be of any use at all - and this is precisely what this book is all about, namely

The Practice of Real Dog Behaviour and NOT just the Theory.


Dog Aggression, Separation Anxiety In Dogs, House Soiling and House Training in Adult Dogs and Puppies, Rescued Dog Problems, Good Behaviour In The Home For Pet Dogs & More!

Overcoming Dog Behaviour Problems - Check Out What's Inside!


Overcoming Dog Behaviour Problems -

As used in veterinary practises, by charities and dog clubs around the world!


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The "Problem Solving" Templates to be able to assess, track, change and test the progress on any kind of behaviour problem in companion dogs easily and clearly.

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Overcoming Dog Behavior Problems - Dog Aggression, House Soiling, Dog Barking, Dog Howling & Much, Much More!

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